Jainab: Respect The Law!


Community Development & Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Jainab Ahmad Ayid, reminds all educationist, school administrators, teachers and false prophets to “Respect The Law.” This point was stressed by Datuk Jainab, during a press conference which touched on the subject of conversion of a minor to Islam. “All must adhere to the Principles Of Rukun Negara for the sake of unity, maintaining harmony and trust.”

Consent Of Parents In A Conversion Of Minor

Suffice to say that consent of parent is a must in any case before a minor converts. 

Conversion To Islam: Statutory Position

Conversion in the Malaysian context denotes a Non-Muslim conversion to Islam. However, the term conversion can also be applied to conversion to other religions as well, for example conversion from Christianity to Buddhism or Hinduism to Christianity.

(Ref-Conversion Of Minor To Islam In Malaysia: Whither Consent Of Parents? by Narizan Abdul Rahman/University Of Malaya /Shariah Journal Vol.16/2008)   





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