MACC’s Aggressive Action Should Not Be Politicised – Suluk Council


Sabah Suluk Solidarity Council (MPSS) secretary Mohd Zaki Harry Susanto said MACC’s ‘aggressive’ action was proof of its transparency as an independent body which is not bound to the agenda of any party with interests in an investigation.

“The public should support the MACC’s efforts to combat corruption and abuse of power in the country and they should not be influenced by any party which tries to cast doubts on MACC’s credibility.

“The MACC is carrying out its duties in line with the laws. Its aggressive action is not selective and should not be labeled as an attack on any political party, especially the opposition in Sabah.” The aggressive action taken by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is a very positive move and should not be politicized, according to Zaki.

Mohd Zaki was commenting on the MACC’s investigation into the misuse of public funds for rural development projects in Sabah.

To date, MACC has detained several people who were previously connected to a ministry to help in the investigations.




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