PKR Set To Wrest Kudat Seats From BN – Haniza Talha


Haniza (left) receiving the new membership forms, while Rahimah (3rd left)looks on

PKR is going all out to wrest from BN the Parliament and State seats in Kudat, particularly the seats they contested in PRU-13 with further support from the people in Kudat arising from programs launched to help the people carried out since the last elections.

“We are pleased to see the growing support and your attendance and submission of membership forms today shows courage to want to change the present Umno-led BN governments in Sabah and in Putrajaya” said YB. Haniza Talha, Deputy PKR Wanita Chief at a gathering in Kg. Landong Ayang, Kudat, during the weekend.

“Our chances will be further enhanced with the cooperation of local opposition parties who are genuinely seeking to topple the ruling Umno-led regime and avoid multi-cornered contests” added Haniza who received 200 membership application forms from former BN members.

Kudat PKR have stepped up their people and community service programs since PRU-13 and understand the local issues and the people’s aspirations and needs very well.

Obviously, the State government has failed to address and failed to settle the outstanding issues in Kudat. For example, the failure of the allotment of the lots back to the fire victims in Tg. Kapor, Pantai Bahagia and Landong Ayang, lack of clean water supply in most areas in Pulau Banggi, water supply problems in other areas and bad roads.

The failure of proper development planning in Kudat and lack of jobs and business opportunities have led to many young people leaving Kudat to find a living elsewhere. Even if there are any, the salaries are too low and insufficient to meet the basic needs of home especially with the rising costs due to the implementation of GST that has burdened them.

As a result of the pressures of life because of the hardships and social problems, a handful of people become involved with drugs and petty crimes.

“We are ready for the elections and, God willing, we will step out efforts to garner further support from BN voters who are unhappy with the current BN elected leaders and the BN governments” added Puan Rahimah Majid, PKR Kudat Division Chief and Head of the Wanita PKR Sabah.

More voters are expected to support PKR and Pakatan Harapan in Sabah as the New Deal offered by Pakatan Harapan will ensure that Sabah rights and equal partner status in Malaysia are protected. The New Deal will also see increased revenues and better development and progress for Sabah and Sarawak.




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