Rudimentary Issues Raised To Gain Public Attention


Some lawmakers and political leaders love to ‘fiddle while Rome burns’ by raising rudimentary issues to gain public attention, barking-up the wrong tree or creating a storm in a teapot.

They may have succeeded in getting some coverage in the local press. However, this type of behaviour exposes ones lack of understanding and working knowledge on basic issues necessary to serve the constituents effectively.

Recently two rudimentary issues were raised. They are:

Kaji Isu Henti Bantuan Kebajikan Di Kinabatangan – Yang Berhormat Datuk Bung Moktar Radin, Ahli Parlimen Kinabatangan.

“Wargatua dan ibu tunggal yang menerima bantuan JKM tetapi cecara tiba-tiba diberhentikan daripada menerima  bantuan tanpa diberi penjelasan, Katanya perkata itu sudah lama berlanjutan.”  

“Jelasnya, sehingga kini beliau menerima kira-kira lebih 20 aduan berhubung perkara berkenaan. (Pemberhentian bantuan)

 Many Denied Aid Under E-Kasih – Webly Disim, Ketua Penerangan, PBS Tandek.

“Meanwhile, Disim said there were sickly citizens who had applied for the e-kasih aid from the Welfare Department but their applications had been denied despite applying for it more than three times.”

A press conference was organised to clarify on the two issues. Community Development & Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Jainab Ahmad Ayid, provided a comprehensive and detailed explanation. In summary, the earlier issue is one that is procedural in nature and best referred to an officer at the Welfare Department and as for ‘e-kasih’, it is managed by the District Office.




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